We are recruiting an expert on AI

We seek a creative and dedicated AI expert to join our international team working at the intersection of communication, technology and national security.

Today, technology is revolutionising the tools and techniques of communication. Innovations enabling new forms of video manipulation and cutting-edge text-generating systems make it possible to rapidly create a near endless stream of unique information, be it in the form of text, video, audio or even raw data. Such developments will accelerate the threat posed by disinformation campaigns. Artificial intelligence, big data, high-speed networks, facial recognition and deep fakes are already shifting the range of opportunities available to malign actors. The democratisation of technology means these opportunities are available not only to nation states, but also small groups, and even individuals.

Main Duties

The Senior Expert (SE) follows the development of AI and is able to advise and educate the personnel of the COE on developments in the field. The successful candidate will have expertise in the ways that new developments in AI create or enhance social, political and security vulnerabilities.

The SE will contribute to developing tools designed to detect and expose messaging created or disseminated using AI systems. The candidate will conduct research experiments to test what is and is not possible in this area. They must have strong experience using a variety of data mining/analysis methods and in using or creating algorithms.

The SE will communicate findings in an accessible format through research publications and presentations aimed at audiences including military officers, academics, and government decision makers.

The SE works closely with the Principal Scientist and the Software Engineer of the Technical and Scientific Development Branch.

Post context

The NATO StratCom COE, based in Riga, Latvia, contributes to improved strategic communications capabilities within the Alliance and Allied nations. Strategic communication is an integral part of the efforts to achieve the Alliance’s political and military objectives, thus it is increasingly important that the Alliance communicates in an appropriate, timely, accurate and responsive manner on its evolving roles, objectives and missions.

The Centre’s mission is to provide tangible contributions to the strategic communications capabilities of NATO, NATO allies and NATO partners. Our strength is built by multinational and cross-sector participants from the civilian and military, private and academic sectors and usage of modern technologies, virtual tools for analyses, research and decision making.

NATO StratCom COE consists of a diverse group of international experts with military, government and academic backgrounds - trainers, educators, analysts and researchers.

The Senior Expert on AI will be based in the Technical and Scientific Development Branch. The Branch's major functions is to develop audience characterization tools, conduct social-media analyses, process data flows, develop external communication tools, and to establish and maintain networks and links amongst subject-matter experts.

General duties of Senior Experts at the COE:

  1. Plans and conducts training and education assignments and projects.
  2. Manages and plans project timelines and budgets.
  3. Provides expertise on government-wide Strategic Communications capability building and implementation of StratCom approach in resilience building.
  4. Provides expertise on Strategic Communications policy development at NATO.
  5. Provides expertise on StratCom-related academic research and policy developments in other International Organizations (e.g. EU, UN).
  6. Supports the delivery of Centre’s courses and seminars.

Essential Qualifications

  1. Strong background in programming, data science, machine learning, or related area.
  2. Excellent presentation skills.
  3. Experience in working in multinational environment.
  4. Advanced English language proficiency (Work in the organization is conducted primarily in English).

Desirable Qualifications

  1. Experience in conducting research projects at an international level.
  2. Fluency in several computer languages.
  3. Comfortable working with databases.
  4. Demonstrated understanding of ethical and social implications of AI.
  5. Project management skills.
  6. In-depth knowledge of NATO.
  7. Master’s degree in computer science or related discipline.

Salary level: 3000 - 4600 EUR GROSS.

Appointment will be subject to receipt of a security clearance provided by the national Authorities of the selected candidate.

Candidates are kindly requested to email a CV and motivation letter to jobs2020 [at] stratcomcoe [dot] org (jobs2020 [at] stratcomcoe [dot] org). The motivation letter should outline why the candidate is a good fit, their vision for the post, and include a freeform discussion on security challenged posed by developments in AI. Candidates are requested to send their applications by latest 16 January 2020, 23h59 CEST.

As an employer, NATO StratCom COE values diverse backgrounds and perspectives and is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce. NATO StratCom COE welcomes applications of nationals from all Member and Partner States and strongly encourages women to apply.

We value commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in accordance with international norms and practices established for the defence and related security sector. Selected candidates are expected to be role models of integrity, and to promote good governance through ongoing efforts in their work.