Vacancies & Internships


Currently we are not hiring.




  1. Applicants must at least have a bachelor's degree at the start of the internship with at least one degree in a discipline related to the relevant areas: communication, strategic communications, defence, security studies or similar.
  2. Interns must be eligible to work in Latvia.
  3. Must have strong oral and written English communications skills, and be able to work effectively and build relationships with others.
  4. Must have good organization and planning skills, and be able to demonstrate effective project coordination, facilitation, and implementation based on past work or school experiences.
  5. Must possess deductive reasoning skills and be able to analyze and synthesize information for problem solving.
  6. Excellent English writing and speaking skills (English Level C). Other language skills will be considered a plus.
  7. We especially encourage applicants with skills in data science or statistics. 

General intership description:

  1. Assisting in research projects.
  2. Coordinating and implementing program events and activities.
  3. Assisting in preparations for planned events and activities by gathering information, assembling materials, contacting participants, and soliciting support from external sources. 
  4. In some cases, the intern may identify and develop a value-added research or relevant activity that may be implemented within the current program of work of the NATO StratCom COE. This contribution should provide a substantial addition to the intern's resume as practical and applicable work experience.
  5. Normally internships and fellowships are unpaid, but offer an ideal opportunity to acquire substantive professional experience for those interested in the work conducted by the NATO StratCom COE. All the expenses connected with internship or fellowship shall be borne by student/researcher or his/her sponsoring Government or institution. However the NATO StratCom COE can choose to invite both students and researchers to apply for grant announced for certain projects, which are of high importance for the NATO StratCom COE. The amounts and distribution of grants shall be specified taking into consideration availability of budget funding, period of performance and level of expertise required. 
  6. Housing is not provided. However, we may be able to assist you in finding an affordable place to live.

Application process:

  1. Though internships usually start in September or January, we sometimes take interns on an ad-hoc basis, so we encourage you to send your CV (linda [dot] curika [at] stratcomcoe [dot] org).
  2. We maintain a candidate database, so if you are interested, send us your CV with a note that you would like to be informed if new opportunities come in.

Aim: to access the latest theoretical and technical knowledge that students and researchers may have and can apply through practical work assignments at the NATO StratCom COE.

Cooperation with higher educational establishments: Within the framework of cooperation between the NATO StratCom COE and respective higher educational establishment it can be agreed to host internships and fellowships at the NATO StratCom COE. 

Enrolment and duration: Applications shall be submitted not earlier than 6 months and not later than 2 months prior to the internship or fellowship period. Together with their application, all candidates should also submit a short essay (150 - 250 words) outlining their motivation. The CV of a candidate should be attached to the application. All documents must be prepared in English. Duration of the Internship and fellowship can be from 1 month up to 12 months with starting periods at 1 September or 1 January. Exceptions are allowed only when the NATO StratCom COE announce grants for certain projects or internship/fellowship is provided as part of cooperation between the NATO StratCom COE and respective higher educational establishment. 

Legal arrangements:  Acceptance Statement shall be signed by respective student / researcher accepting terms and conditions of their internship/fellowship. Standard procedures for security check will be implemented for all applicants admitted.



PhD students and young researchers wishing to exted their research in the field of Strategic Communications, are encouraged to contact us regards fellowship opportunities. CV and a motivation statement including a section on how a stay at the COE would fit in your research plans should be included. All documents must be prepared in English.