StratComTalks: Falsification of History

25th November 2020
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On 25 November 16:00 (GMT+2) we will discuss the use of history as a tool of foreign influence by Russia and other actors. The event will be livestreamed online on Facebook and YouTube.
What countermeasures could be applied to challenge this type of foreign influence?
For many people, history is only a subject of personal interest or a field of study. In certain countries, however, history remains one of the key elements of the social and political agenda, both domestic and foreign. Russia is one such country, where historical propaganda is used not only on its own citizens, but also to undermine the credibility of other nations on the international stage.
To shape the perceptions of foreign populations, Russia often aggressively projects its own historical narratives in neighboring countries. Such Russian campaigns will likely continue in the foreseeable future.
Dr. Kati Parppei – Academy Research Fellow, Docent (Russian History) Department of Geographical and Historical Studies University of Eastern Finland.
Dr. Ivo Juurvee – The Head of Security & Resilience Program at the International Centre for Defence and Security (Tallinn, Estonia).
Moderator: Olga Dragiļeva (Latvia)
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