Social network analyst Joe Shaheen joins Centre’s team

Starting from 7th July, Joe Shaheen from the USA will join the NATO StratCom COE as a research fellow through the US State Department.

Joseph Shaheen is a former engineer who earned his bachelor’s degree in Physics at the early age of 19. He has also earned two master’s degrees from Georgetown University, and is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in Computational Social Science.  He is considered a thought leader on issues of talent, social media, and social network analysis.

Joe has been featured on US Media outlets as an expert and has been awarded an honorary fellowship by the LINKS Center – one of the leading social network analysis research institutes in the US.

During his fellowship, Shaheen will conduct research on how ISIS/ISIL uses social media for their disinformation campaign and recruitment.

Joe Shaheen is the first of the three research fellows, who will join the NATO StratCom COE during the course of this year.