Seminar "Trends in Social Media and their Further Development"

20th March 2017
Event location/address: 
Albert Hotel, Dzirnavu street 33, Riga, Latvia

At this event, experts from academia, private sector, government, and media will provide insights and practical recommendations for NATO civilian/military personnel.

The seminar will be a forum where the main issues concerning the evolution of social media will be discussed with high-level experts coming from different fields. This will contribute towards improved awareness of the relevance of social media for Strategic Communications.

Who is invited to attend?

Allied Nations’, Partner Nations’, and NATO personnel (civilian and military) who want to improve their understanding of social media.

Participation fee: 35 EUR per person

Register by: 17 February 2017 23:59 E. Europe Time


08:15 – 09:00


09:00 – 09:15

Introduction by Beata Biały and Giorgio Bertolin (COE)

09:15 – 09:30

Address by the Director of the COE

09:30 – 11:00

Panel 1: Social media as an effector.

Speakers: Cristina Archetti, Edward Lucas, Bartosz Filip Malinowski, EU StratCom Task Force (TBD). Moderator: Beata Biały (COE)

The social and political processes behind information bubbles and disinformation – Does professional journalism have a future in the age of post-truth politics? – European institutions and the value of truth – The role of crowdsourcing and P2P mechanisms in processing large amounts of information

11:00 – 11:20

Coffee break

11:20 – 12:40

Panel 2: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures in the Social Media environment.

Speakers: Huan Liu, Rebecca Gooslby, Saara Jantunen. Moderator: Rolf Fredheim (COE)

Botnets: automated processes as force multipliers – Information spetsnaz: trolls and propagandists – Socio-psychological perspectives on manipulation in the online communities

12:40 – 13:40

Lunch break

13:40 – 15:00

Panel 3: Scanning the horizon.

Speakers: Jake Tupman, Ryan Bell, Carolin Busch. Moderator: Benjamin Thomas Heap (COE)

The relevance of video content for social media – Real time communication: is live video streaming the next big thing? – Virtual reality and augmented reality: beyond the doors of perception

15:00 – 15:20

Coffee break

15:20 – 16:40

Panel 4: Big data.

Speakers: Nitin Agarwal, Donara Barojan, Chris Ryder. Moderator: Giorgio Bertolin (COE)

Model-led analytics vs analytics-led models – From quantitative analysis to decision making – Digital forensics: investigations in the cyber domain

16:40 – 17:00

Wrap-up of the day. Giorgio Bertolin and Beata Biały

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