Facebook game teaches how to spot disinformation


NATO StratCom COE created a new game designed to help readers develop ‘fake news’ spotting abilities.

NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence introduces its new indie game designed to train readers to identify misinformation published online.

The game is hosted on Facebook and is open for all Facebook users here. Players are put in charge of their own publishing company, they earn virtual currency and gain an audience for publishing accurate news. The game is divided into three levels, each encouraging the players to think about the possible ways they could be fooled. The Fact Checker screen prompts the players to question the sources and provides tips on how to distinguish between an accurate and a misleading story.

The NATO StratCom COE hopes to burst the bubble of an elite dominated discussion about critical thinking and empower the society to become more conscious users of media through a gamified approach.

The idea of the game comes from a public hackathon NATO StratCom COE organized in May 2017. The hackathon aimed to develop prototypes of technical solutions that would prevent disinformation spread. The game intends to enhance readers’ resilience against the disinformation.

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) is a NATO accredited multi-national organisation that conducts research, publishes studies, and provides strategic communications training for government and military personnel. The NATO StratCom COE was initially founded by Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom in 2014. The Netherlands and Finland joined the Centre in 2016, Sweden in 2017. Canada, France and Slovakia are set to join in 2018.


More information: Linda Curika, 0037126533953, linda [dot] curika [at] stratcomcoe [dot] org 

More information about the game: www.thenewshero.org