Centre hosts Nordic-Baltic Eight (NB8) Seminar for Young Diplomats

On 27 May 2016 the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence hosted a visit from the Nordic–Baltic Eight (NB8) Young Diplomats. The delegation consisted of diplomats with various backgrounds including bilateral cooperation, the European Union, economic development, and transatlantic security issues. During their stay in Latvia the diplomats visited Ms Rita Ruduša, Executive Director of the Baltic Centre of Media Excellence, to discuss the role of the independent media in strengthening security. They also met with HE Mr Gints Jegermanis, Latvian Ambassador to Sweden, discussed Baltic-Nordic cooperation, and spoke with other diplomats and state representatives. 

The NB8 format comprises Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. There has been ongoing active cooperation between the Baltic and Nordic countries since the early 1990s. Under NB-8, regular meetings are held of the Baltic and Nordic countries' prime ministers, members of parliaments, foreign ministers, secretaries of state and political directors of Foreign Ministries, as well as expert consultations, where regional issues and current international developments are reviewed. 

NB8 cooperation in 2016 is coordinated by Latvia and is concentrated on the following priorities--Strengthening Security in the Region (energy security, strategic communication, cybersecurity, and the fight against hybrid threats) and support for the EU's Eastern Partnership. NB-8 presidencies in the coming years: 2017 – Norway, and 2018 – Sweden.