Academic Journal "Defence Strategic Communications" has been published

Defence Strategic Communications’ is a peer reviewed journal published by the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga, Latvia. The aim of establishing this journal was to bring together military, academic, business and governmental knowledge. The journal’s publication is the culmination of a busy first year for the Centre. Our team have already undertaken significant studies in Russian Information Warfare; Daesh propaganda, the growing use and importance of Social Media, a review of ISAF Strategic Communication in Afghanistan, and an audit of NATO member nation’s Strategic Communication preparedness. We have delivered capacity building trainings in Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia and assisted our respective sponsor governments in their own awareness of the complex communication issues that now confront us all.

NATO StratCom COE has come at a critical time; our Strategic Communication (StratCom) efforts in Afghanistan were mixed, we face a new generation hybrid warfare from the east, and in the Middle East Daesh/ISIL use propaganda and communication to deadly effect. No one in NATO can afford to ignore the importance and latent power of communication. This inaugural edition of the journal has cast its net deliberately wide. We cover academic theory, social media, Russian information warfare, Daesh/ISIL propaganda, NATO public diplomacy and narratives. All have relevance to the subject and help us collectively build our knowledge and understanding of the complexity of StratCom and its need.

The Editorial Board of “Defence Strategic Communications“ is headed by Dr Steve Tatham. We encourage you to contribute to the next issue of "Defence Startegic Communications", more information about the process is available here.

We hope that this journal will enhance your understanding of the subject matter and prove useful in your future academic endeavours.

The journal can be downloaded here.

If your organization or you want to receive a hard copy of the journal by mail, please email PA Officer Linda Curika - linda [dot] curika [at] stratcomcoe [dot] org.